What is I AM?

I AM is a company that produces some useful goods to identify people, pets and personal objects. The I AM products are not only useful but also simple and attractive.
We offer different goods to fit anyone needs for identification, with variety of colors for any mood or dress code.
I AM uses the best quality silicone, with your stats laser engraved for maximum confort, durability and legibility.
We strongly recommend to include not only your relevant information, but also the contact of the person whom you most rely in an emergency situation. 

What's the warranty for the I AM goods?

All our products have a 2 year warranty for any material defect in a regular use. If within this periode, your I AM bracelet presents some lack of legibility or any sign of wear down, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will change it for a new one.
* Shipping and handling not included.

Who is I AM for?

The I AM identification solutions are for those who need to be identified anytime, kids in crowded places, seniors with spatial disorientation or lacks of memory, athletes having an accident, people that have some disease or allergies.
That's why we offer different kind of solutions: ID bracelets, QR stickers and so on. 

Are different bracelet sizes available? 

Sure, as they fit the needs of a wide population, the I AM silicone identity bracelets are available in 5 different sizes, depending on its diameter. There's the XS (140mm diameter) perfect for the kids; the S (158mm diameter) for teenagers and those with thin wrist; the M (177mm diameter) most used size among adults; the L (195mm diameter) for the strong ones!; and the XL (210mm diameter), our good friend and world class swimmer Dani Serra's size. Perfect for He-Men!

To find out the fine size for you, the easyest way is to get a tape measure, or a simple cord, shoe lace for instance, and a ruler. Just put the tape measure or the cord around your wrist and take the measure. The fine bracelet will be the one that most fits that size, always leaving 1 extra centimeter for security and comfort.