You can help us to promote I AM earing some money with us.
Need more information? Keep on reading.

  • How it works?

    Do you belive in the solutions that I AM offers? Do you want to help us promoting them?
    It's as easy as insert an I AM banner or text link in your blog or website, and you'll recive a 10% comision for each completed operation that have started on your site.
    Simple as that.
    Every shopping operation gets registered, so we can track its source.
    Every 3 months, the comisions are paid, so you only need to register, being aproved, and then place the banner we'll send to you.

  • Benefits:

    It's not just a matter of money, but you'll also help to promote between your followers how important is to be identified in case of emergency. You can contribute to resolve some critical situations and show them you're worried about their wellness.

  • ¿Questions?

    There's an especific FAQs page for the I AM Affiliate where anyone can find answers to almost any question one can have. And don't hesitate to contact to Isi and Marc if you want to.